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Our Story

“ThinkImpact Inc. was approached by local businesses of different sizes to help them rebrand their marketing efforts as well as putting together a Marketing plan for their business. To see if there was a need for the services that we offer, we conducted a market-research study with local businesses to see what type of digital presence they had. From the results we gathered, it confirmed that a strong demand for Digital Marketing was needed, and be the “new wave “ for aspiring businesses. Digital Marketing is by far one of the simplest, but yet effective ways of reaching new target markets. With the creation of a Marketing Campaign, your business has the ability to reach people both domestically and globally “with the click of a button.”

Our philosophy is to provide small businesses the ability to compete in local geographies, and online retailers through marketing skills, consulting, and through competitive knowledge.


Our vision is to “create a lasting impact, while helping thriving communities.”


Our mission is “to provide small to mid-sized businesses a strategic, value-added marketing approach with a seamless Digital Marketing experience.”